The Pitch

Practically….will this work ? 

I know that we really need something… but will this cut it? 

Truth be told… We don’t want to spend more money. 


Heartstrings pulled… money questions answered… 



Coming Back…

I’m coming back to the time ,
That your gaze first met mine.
I long for the way,
That your eyes held me that day.
My heart is sad that we are oceans apart,
But I know you will soon return… dear heart.
We long to be with one another,
Oh how each one longs to hold the other…
To feel your hand on my hand,
It would be enough… you understand.
To see your face on video calls..
WhatsApp won’t suffice at all.
Your presence is lovely there… It’s true,
But more than that… I long for you.
Oh my most handsome Lover…
I want to be with you forever!
When… oh when can I see you again?
My dear love, and closest friend?
We must be patient and not doubt…
“Soon we will be together!”…I shout.
No matter if it is soon or late,
You have my heart…I long for that date!

Inspired Poems of Love

Here are some poems I wrote that were inspired by Song of Songs. Enjoy!

First Poem:
¡Que me bese con los besos de su boca!.. Ay amado
You are delicious…more than wine.
Sus amores son exquisitos…Amado mío…
Your name is the finest perfume Divine…
¡Pastor mío… Amado mío… hermoso!

You are beautiful, my love… My rose.
Y contigo quiero estar… te anhelo…
Our Love is wild… sometimes ebbs and flows…
Tus ojos son palomas… ¡Cuánto te amo!

A su sombra me recuesto ansiosa, y su fruto es dulce …
I am your comfort and sustenence.
Reanimadme…estoy enferma de amor… feliz
Do not awaken or unveil love until he pleases.


My lover is a strong hind..he comes,
He leaps on the mountains.
Me llama…”¡Levántate, ven, amada mía, hermosa mía, vente!”
I invite you to come to me…quickly…
My hidden dove, let me see your face…so lovely!
Su dulce voz me quitan las palabras….
Mi amado es para mí, y yo para él…
Before the day breaks and the shadows flee…
Come to me my love, come back to me.

Nocturne 1

On my bed, I looked for my Love,
But I could not feel him there….
I got up to look and search for my Own…
Everywhere I searched.
Where could he have gone?
I was desperate.
I asked the guards,
But they could not help me.
After I left them…
Finally, I found Him…
This one my heart loves.
I could not let him go…
I would not let him go.
I took him to my mother’s house,
And I loved him.
Do not waken or unveil love,
Until he pleases.


Mi boda es hoy…
¿Qué sentimientos tengo?
¡Que alegria surge en mi ser!
¿Qué es eso que sube del desierto?
Es mi Amado y su corte y guerreros ….
Me desmayo de amor…
Pero sobre todo…
No puedo partir mis ojos de mi Amor…
Cuan guapo es mi Amado… cuan deseable.
¡Pronto… pronto serémos unidos !

Canto quinto: La Union Esponsal


Union… now I am finally yours!
Now my beautiful one, I am captivated by you entirely.
In your eyes I see beauty…
Oh your feet, your waist… your everything…
Nothing is unpleasant to me.
Every part of you is complete.
So look at me… look at all of me….
Pointless it is to find satisfaction in any other!
Open..I invite you to allow me inside…
Now our love is… Paraiso
So patient I am for you to relax…
And I will never force you…
Look into my eyes, and remember….

Nocturne 2

No puedo dormir…
Oh! Escucho la voz de mi amado!
Clama dicienco… ¡Ábreme…amada mia… mi preciosa!
Te deseo… te anhelo….
Uff….No deseo vestirme ora vez…
Rápidamente cambio de tono cuando… introduce su mano por el postigo…
No puedo controlarlo.. Mis entrañas se estremecen.
En anticipación levanto para recibirle… pero ya no está.
Tan ansiosamente salgo a la ciudad buscando…

Wau…. ¡El dolor! Los guardias me violaron.
Oh… ¡Pero sigo… sigo enferma de amor !

My Lover

My lover is pure and tanned…
He is dark haired and distinguished…
His cheeks are sweet to the taste …
Oh but his eyes… His eyes
Are like he ocean, and as gentle as doves.
His lips are delicious… and his hands….
His hands and arms are strength.
He is altogether excellent to behold…
Oh and … well hung…
He is tall and his bearing is straight.
His legs are hard and powerful…
His feet are firm.
Oh but le me return to his mouth again…
His mouth has a thousand delights…
I belong to my Love, and he belongs to me.

The Lover’s Song

You are most beautiful, my love.
How can I describe you?
Take your eyes away from me?
They confound me…they make me undone!
None compare to you!
Your whole being is delighful!
How could anyone resis you?
Your love is intoxicating.
And you desire me…
I desire you!
You are enchanting…
I have conquered you,
But you have allowed me into your castle.
How honored I am to love you!
Come to me again…
Your love is like the finest wine!’s better!
I can’t even form words ….
Just come …
Let us walk together….
Let us be together…
I don’t care how or why or when!
I just want to be with you…

Tender and Uncontainable Love

¡Que va derecho hacia mi amado!
Yo soy de mi amado, y él siente pasión por mí.
Amado… vamos a hacer trekking…
Vamos al campo….
El jardin está listo….
Quiero estar contigo a solás…
A solás…..
Quisiera mostrar mi amor a todo el mundo…
Quiero besarte en público….
Y más !
El amor tiene su tiempo perfecto.

Who is this coming up from the desert?
Who is this leaning on her beloved one?
Who is this who has come out of the dark?
Radiant she is!

Set me as a tattoo on your heart,
As a tattoo on your arm…
Our love is as strong as death….
And as tenacious as hell is our passion…
You have inflamed me with embers of your love,
Embers and flames of the Lord.
Oceans can’t extinguish our love,
And rivers can’t drown it!
You can’t buy it…
It’s priceless.

What will we do with our young sister?
How can we protect her?
Let us hedge her in and guard and shelter her….
From evil men.
My walls, gardens and towers are only for you, mi Amado.
¡Escapa, amado mío, sé como gacela o cervatillo sobre los montes de aromas!
Escapa conmigo.
Vamos lejos….
Para disfrutar y amar.

Guest Poet: Student Poetry Sample

Dearest Readers,
I do apologize for not being available to post poetry lately. Here’s a guest poem by one of my students.

Poem 1: by K.

I am beautiful and lovely.
I wonder what it would be like to be rich.
I hear an angel singing.
I see my teacher.
I want the class to be over.
I am beautiful and lovely.

I pretend I am a Queen.
I feel the summer is hot.
I touch the cat’s ear.
I worry about my weight.
I cry that my key is lost.
I am beautiful and lovely.

I understand why people love me.
I say every girl is a princess.
I dream to travel around the world.
I try to be happy.
I hope the world will be peaceful.
I am beautiful and lovely.


Contentment is not some small thing,
Or a mere feeling to be lost.
Not a thrill or an ecstatic fling…
Truth is.. exhilaration cannot compare to it…
Enduring contentment is a real beauty.
Not worrying about tomorrow and focused on today,
The soul is satisfied daily…
More than words can express in any way.
Even though it is not always physical,
Never the less it is real.
True contentment never dies.

Eyes Open

Opening his eyes late in the day,
Sunshine burns his eyes…
Cool the night was and beautiful the stars,
And now the harshness of day.
Rushing for the shadows, he longs for the twilight.

Inspired by the story “Creature of the Night, Lady of the Day” by Alyssa Plock:

He never slept, so he made an asset of it. He was a midnight explorer, an observer of the back streets, a watchman on the wall. Occasionally, he would eavesdrop on the police scanners and follow behind the action at a good distance, but mostly he just drew.

He kept a flashlight in a small pack, along with a seemingly endless supply of batteries. And he drew the phantoms of everyday objects that no one would look twice at during a walk to work. A light pole, a porch, a house. These were his companions in his lonely watch.

Then one day, just as he was turning in as the dawn came in, he noticed a new shadow. It was new to him, anyway. The shade was seated on a bench, just waiting, still as the night. He drew it. And he was drawn to it.

As the first light made all of his night friends disappear into their daylight disguises, he heard the scratch scricth of a pencil. And the shade on the bench turned into a radiant woman with a sketch book on her lap.

Ready as he was to disappear into a dark room to sleep, he let down his guard and approached her.

“Hello, what are you doing here at this time of day?” He asked.

“Oh,” she said sweetly, “I am always here.”

“Me too. I have never seen you before,” he said.

“Do you leave before daylight?” She asked.


“I always get up to draw the dawn,” she said as the first light brightened her green eyes.

“I draw the night.”

After admiring each other’s pictures for a few moments, a bit of sorrow filled them both. Attracted as they were to each other, they knew it would never work. For his inspiration could never leave the dark and hers could never leave the light. The man slowly walked away without even a glance back over his shoulder at this lady of the day.

Guest Poet: Hna. Inés de Jesús

Ya no estás
por Hna. Inés de Jesús

Vela la noche tu sueño profundo,
Vela solemne y con gran silencio,
Un viento corre lleno de tristeza,
Murmura al oído: Ya no está.
Ya no está mas, ya no está.
El dueño de mi amor ya no está.

Se oprime el corazón al recordar tus palabras,
Como olvidar tu mirada y vuelve a penetrar,
Mas allá el dolor como una saeta,
Y vuelve a brisar la herida de saber que ya no te veo mas.
Y aumenta el dolor porque ya no estas junto a mi.

La piedra ha sellado tu sepultura y con ella.
Se acaban mis esperanzas,
Tan solo unos dias todos te proclamaban rey,
Y ahora la vida te arrebataron, tan solo un instante,
Partías el pan conmigo, tu voz era fuego que encendía,
Mi corazón.

No puedo olvidarme de esa mirada,
Que descubría completa mi alma,
Y tu me hacías fuerte cuando yo era débil,
Me diste vida nueva para ir contigo,
Hasta el final, pero ya no estas.
Todo lo que he vivido contigo, contigo,
Parece haber terminado en esa cruz.

Y ahora no hay nada mas adelante,
Sino temor y desaliento. ¿donde estas maestro?
Yo sé que estoy despierto,
Quiero creer, quiero esperar, seguir amando,
No me abandones. ¿a donde has ido?
Yo no me resigno a vivir si ya no estás,
Si tu no estás, no me dejes creyendo solo.,
No me abandones. ¿a donde has ido?
Yo no me resigno a vivir, si ya no estás,
Si tu no estás.

Contra todo lo que siento esperaré,
Pase la noche y vuelva a amanecer.