At times I sit and think about travel,
Because it makes me smile and my heart sing.
I am not often happy when I stay in one city,
But love the experiences travel can bring.
Could it be that I am just a nomad?
Walking on my very own trail?
Or are others just as antsy… is it bad?
To amble along on paths where feet may fail?
Everyone has their own story and trail,
Even those that do not leave far from home.
I was made for crossing boundaries and cultures,
…Often times I am alone.
An ambassador to many nations and peoples, am I,
Longing for more chances to spread my wings and fly.


Guest Poet- Ramón de Almagro

Mi poema de abril

Picoteando la cáscara
de algún viejo recuerdo
con la lluvia de Abril
nacerá mi poema
le pondré mil colores
los más puros y claros
una música tenue
y un perfume de nardos.

Como una luciérnaga
brillará titilando
y se irá por los aires
escapando de mi alma
se estirarán mis manos
sin poder alcanzarlo,
se quedarán mis labios
como siempre rogando:

Que una estrella lo guíe
que lo lleve a tu lado,
pues si tú lo encontraras,
y llegas a escucharlo
mi poema de Abril
quizá viva… hasta Mayo.

-Ramón de Almagro



Friday… oh my sweet Love
Righteously you suffered and died brutally….
I am your undeserving little bridge…
Doing so much that causes you pain…
And yet … and yet you still consummated your love.
You mounted the tree, died and returned to life.

Beauty in the Ugly

This word alone makes many people cringe and shrink back…
It’s often known as …
The scraping away of imperfections,
Or the refinement of the soul.
Most people run from it like the plague,
And groan and moan about it while in the trial.
Others see it as an opportunity,
To be cultivated and grow into wise people.
Have you seen an overcomer?
One who has gone through many trials with joy?
Where does it come from?
How do they suffer sickness, loss, and grief with hope?
There is beauty in the ugly,
And diamonds are formed in the pressure.
Butterflies emerge through a struggle,
And athletic training offers a great reward.
Nobody enjoys exertion and exhaustion at first,
But in light of a great prize,
All the suffering is worth it.
No beautiful thing comes into being without a mess…
Nothing that is worthwhile,
Comes without pain.
Instead of numbing the pain,
Allow it to change and grow you.
Love too grows with time,
Through uncomfortable struggles,
Conflict and forgiveness.
A full life is one of suffering,
And one of deep joy.
There is more depth to this story,
both interior and exterior…
We live, we die,
We see reality…
Rescue is available,
and the Rescuer is coming.
Suffering’s reward is worth it,
And so are vulnerability and trust…
Would you prefer to be comfortable,
Or live life to the fullest?


Voyage …

Very quickly my mind fills with many thoughts….
Oh my dear friends… how I miss you.
You are many kilometres away from me,
And your presence near me, I cannot feel.
Go to you….. I wish I could…
Eventually, I will.
Oh how I wish…
My hope is to see you soon…
Your smiles light up any room.
Friends so true and so dear,
Regardless of where I am in the world,
I feel you….
Every time I play percussion instruments,
Notice nature…
Drink pisco….
So many things make me think of you.