O my soul, how swiftly you are enticed to be distracted,
And turn aside from the way of purity.
Evil is stealthily, and grows as a weed,
Or a cancer… speedily.

Flee from these temptations,
And discipline your heart.
In moderation and modesty there are hidden treasures…
It’s not dull to be pure in heart and thought.

Deception comes cleverly,
And small acts lead to breeches of chastity.
refining2Be aware of the company you keep.
Seek out those who are upright,
And set your mind on the light.
Search for Wisdom as precious stones,
And meditate on the Master alone.

Purification is the aim,
To be cleansed of spots and stains,
And to stand whole before the throne of grace
…Seeing the Master face to face.


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