Where I’m from…

I am from an upright piano,from Sennheiser headphones and Camay soap.
I am from the warm hearth glowing (firey coals, glittering…They look pristine like a polished ship’s bell)
I am from the Eucalyptus tree, Qantu flower, and the tall waterfall.
I am from encouraging notes and intelligent minds, from Ann and  Steve and Qantu_wayta_(flor_de_la_cantuta)Weäber.
I am from perseverance and kindness…
From “It’s always darkest before the dawn” and “Te amo.”
I am from the Morning Star, and the Interior Castle’s myriad of rooms.
I’m from cities like Philadelphia, Prague, and Cusco… from Germany, Switzerland and Proto Celtic roots, Lomo Saltado and homeade soup.
From the time Dad read us the Lord of the Rings trillogy in the woods and cultivated our imagination…
To Mom’s smile, encouragement, homemade pies, and Thea’s grace and laughter.
I am from paintings and photographs on the wall, which span countries and continents.
I am from a Third Culture.. from life in the Peru, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and the United States of America.
I am from the worlds seen and unseen.
I am a sojourner and a trotamundos.
I am loved.



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