Reflections …

Looking through a bay window,
A woman contemplates.
Her view…
A bay surrounded by pines,
At sunset.
Her face is one of deep thought.

Clothed in bathrobe,
Her beautiful grey eyes are accentuated.
Brown, wavy, hair and olive skin tone,
Highlight her athletic features.
Her eyes are confused and sorrowful.

The sceene shifts ahead,
And a handsome, powerfully built,
Black haired, green eyed man,
Enters the room.
He is wearing boxers and nothing else.

He pauses…

And his eyes fill with concern,
And compassion.

He waits…

And waits…

And waits…

Giving his wife her space.

Finally, he approaches her softly,
And embraces her from behind.
Her arms stay crossed,
but she finds comfort in his embrace.

Whispering in her ear,
He asks…
“What’s wrong, my love?”

She hedges…

“What’s going on, Sofia”

Again, she hedges…

And again…

His patience is wearing thin…

Turning her to face him,
And lifting her chin to look into his eyes,
He says…
“Sofia, don’t hide from me… What’s going on?”

“Gabe…it’s not you, but it is you…”

His eyes fill with more concern.
“What is it?”

Finally it comes out…

“Gabe… I wasn’t a virgin when we married, but you were… I don’t deserve you.”

I wasn’t a virgin when we married, but you were… I don’t deserve you.”

I don’t deserve you.”

She describes his positive qualities,
And makes her argument about her unworsthiness…

He says…
“No,  no my love…. I don’t see you as your previous self.
I see you for who you are and the beautiful woman you are becomming…
Nothing you’ve done could make me love you less. I love ALL of you…”

The light bulb slowly lights in her mind…

She weeps….

Recognizing his love for her..

They weep…

She kisses him…

Initiating depth of romance.

A beautiful melody of intimacy ensues….

Even after the dawn…

Sailing into their beautiful future…



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