A newspaper headline …

“LeBron James ousts Lionel Messi from No. 2 spot on Forbes’s highest-paid athletes list”

Fame fortune, power and sex,
The media rants and raves.
Propping up one personality,
And bringing down another.
Their influential lense,
Shapes some peoples’ reality,
And more importantly their worlviews…
Who makes the most money?
Who has the most sex?
Gossp gossip…

Lies and lies,
With a dash of truth,
What is ‘real news’

For many, it’s about making,
A product as sexy as Rohit Khandelwal’s smile.
Marketing ! Marketing!
What will sell?
What makes sense?
Why should they care?
Emotional appeal?
What’s fake?
What’s real?

In this muddy environment,
Many times we forget what is relevant.
What is really newsworthy?
Will we hear about the beautiful and good?
Or just the horrible and evil?



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