As I drive by the babbling brook,
The bang, beat, beep, bellow, blare and blast,
Of city life fade away.
I hear the burr, buzz, chatter, chime, chink, and chir,
Of small town life and nature.

Chug, clack, clang, clank, clap, clash, clatter,
My ears no longer hear those sounds,
Of industry and noise.
Oh loudness and clamour!
Why do we ever put up with you,
And your click, cling, clink, clomp, clump, clunk,
Crack, crackle, crash, creak, crepitate, crunch and cry?

Ding, dong, explode, fizz, fizzle, groan, growl,
Gurgle, hiss, hoot, howl,
Hum, jangle, jingle, knell, knock,
Lilt, moan, murmur, patter, peal…
Ping, pink, pipe, plink, plonk!
Each sound is vying for attention.

I take refuge in the silence…
Tuning out the plop, plunk, pop, purr,
Putter, rap, rasp, rattle, ring, roar, roll, rumble,
Rustle, scream, screech, shriek, shrill, sing and sizzle.
Oh snap!
What are the benefits of silence?

Above the splash, splutter, sputter, squawk, squeak,
Squeal, squelch, strike, swish, swoosh, and thrum…
It comes quickly like a thud, thump, thunder, and thunk,
To my mind.
Silence is the gateway to contemplation,
And tapping into that which transcends.
This is not a mystical triad,
Is something more beautiful…
The sound of a Lover and His beloved.

In the midst of the tick, ting, tinkle, toll, tootle,
Trill, trumpet, twang, ululate, vroom, wail…
Wheeze, whine, whir, whish, whistle, whoosh, whump, and zing,
My heart comes away.

Bang, blast, boom, crack, crash, pop, report,
Slam, smash, snap, thunderclap, thwack, whack, whomp,
Blare, clamor, howl, hubbub, hue and cry,
Hullabaloo, outcry, roar, tumult, uproar
Bay, keen,bawl, caterwaul, scream, screech, shriek,
Squall, holler, shout…. vociferate,
applaud, give a hand, hands together,
encore, kudos props….!!!
Says the world.

Be still, I say…
Be still my soul!



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