Intimacy and Privacy

The idea of privacy in this connected world,
Is so highly valued, but definitely not possible,
Unless you live as a hermit with no technology
And are 100% self-sustained…
Why is it that some cultures value it highly?
And others could care less?
Why do some people feel this individualistic pull,
And others value their family and friends?
Why do some try to go it alone,
And others value their families above all?
With technology, true privacy is now nearly impossible,
But that is where we can learn to be authentic.
If we can’t hide, why not be truthful?
Why not be honest?
Why not allow ourselves to trust and become intimate?
Will we let past wounds call us to retreat into our boxes?
Or will we heal and learn to love?
Can we have intimacy without violence and brutality?
Honorable trust and love?
And friendship?
Or will we allow ourselves to sink into the gloom?


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