What is in a word?
It started in the 13th century,
As a deifnition for
A false religious belief,
Or irrational faith in supernatural powers.
The word superstitio
means prophecy,
dread of supernatural,
And even…
excessive fear of the gods,
and pagan practices.
They also saw it was,
A religious based fear or ignorance,
Which is incompatible with truth.

Superstitions are unstable,
And false.

With all the fake news and fear,
To me it is unclear,
Whether half of what we hear is true,
Or just clothed in superstitious hue.
How do we know what is real,
When all around us we feel,
The push and pull of ideology,
And a focus on individuality.

If our societies will stop declining,
It will be because of a unifying,
Embracing of the truth,
Instead of the latest media spoof.

At the bottom of it we ask,
What is behind the mask?
How can we tell what is real,
And beyond what we feel?

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