Do you see what eyes cannot see?
Can you see what is beyond the natural?
Are you aware of what is hidden?
Do you see the vision?
What’s the vision?
The Vision?
The vision is an army of young people.
You see bones? I see an army. And they are FREE from materialism.
They are mature …
They are free.
They are wild.
They serve and live for something bigger.
They create.
They laugh…
They make love.
They suffer patiently.
They belong to the nations.
They write their addresses in pencil,
And laugh at their strange existence as sojourners….
They live in honor of His Majesty.
They love the dying and hurting,
And use their wealth for just causes,
And creating beauty.
They are not stingy or selfish.
They are set apart,
And their wisdom is honored by all.
They reach for the stars,
And live in integrity.
Their lives are pure… and dangerous.
They lay down their lives for the cause,
And are heroes.
Their lifestyle outside,
Matches their inner life.
They are history makers,
But they are often hidden.
They are disciplined,
And fearless.
They wait…
They watch…
They listen,
And they take action.
They are attractive both inside and outside.
They are…

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