Sound: The Forest

Amidst the forest’s buzz, chirp, and creak,
I chuckle to myself as I hear the warble and squeak,
Of birds that rustle and whirr,
And small things that mew and moan, and thud, and purr.
Sometimes a tinkle or jingle fills the air,
As creatures rustle, murmur, swish and rumble everywhere.
Sometimes you here the undertone,
Of a hiss, whimper, mumble, moan or groan.
Sometimes there is a growl or snarl,
Which make me walk fast for a while.
The giggle, fizz and bubble and groan,
Of the river nearby makes me hum,
A tune,
About nature’s croon.
Then at times the creatures’ sounds fade entirely away,
And I’m left with the whisper of the trees as they sway.
Come to the woods..out of the blur,
And let your heart stir.



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