Choosing Joy

Joy and fear are opposite.
Only one can survive at a time.
Yet, sadness and surprise,
Fair better together,
Even though they are sometimes disguised.

Always aversion comes through pain,
Releasing regret along the way.
Some emotions come in waves,
And leave marks like scars…going to the grave.
Did I know that when I left you years ago that…
Now I would feel so much grief and pain?
Every transition involves some kind of loss…
Seriously, is it worth the cost?

Soon joy will come from sorrow.
Sometimes, it feels like it will never be over…
Until the day when justice comes.
Releasing these words on paper,
Pent-up emotions begin to flow.
Realizing I cannot do this alone,
I dive into the arms of Love.
Succor, protector, the fullness of joy…
Even now you see me,
And walk me through the pain.

Very quickly I learned,
Even to suffer is to gain.
Royalty and wisdom know the value of trials,
So I choose to avoid numbness,
In the face of strife.
Onward I fly with thankfulness.
Now I live with more love and joy.

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