Beauty II

Beauty is not always apparent on the outside,

So we must look inside.

The face is often a mask ,

And the body a temporal charm.

The body weakens and fades,

But the soul remains.



The beach that I hold most dear,

Is inside of a bay with water clear.

In the tide pools you can find,

So many creatures…blows the mind!

The rock beach is surrounded by trees,

And near a house secluded from bad wind’s breeze.

Young and old can play there,

And sailboats are safe in the harbor.

Facing the sunset, it is magnificent,

With reflections on the water luminescent.

Oh I miss you, my beach most dear,

I will soon sit by your water so clear.

Guest Poet: Juana Rosa de Amézaga

Al despertar

Dejan las aves el nocturno abrigo
de las vecinas y coposas frondas,
y con sus trinos de placer adulan
a la naciente y sonrosada aurora.

Engastadas en nítido rocío,
bellas se ostentan las gentiles rosas,
y envidiando su aroma delicioso,
lucen sus galas las cucardas rojas.

Cerca se escucha el majestuoso ruido
que hacen del mar las bullidoras olas,
y al retirarse, cual de blancas perlas,
con sus espumas las riberas bordan.

¡Oh! ¡Cuánto goza en este cuadro el alma
si lo contempla recogida y sola!
Y Dios parece que al oído le habla
en tan solemne y apacible hora.

Para la mente que inquietud agita,
es lo que fresca, deliciosa copa,
para el enfermo que la fiebre siente,
en sus entrañas y abrasada boca.

Mi amante pecho dilatarse siento
viendo, Señor, de tu poder las obras;
y al contemplarlas con filial confianza,
mi humilde labio tu grandeza adora.

The Otters

The otter plays in the river,

Catching fish to feed her litter.

Little pups open wide their mouths,

To fill their stomachs and with little growls.

Mother otter never tires,

To shelter them from all evil that transpires.

Little otter do you fear,

Not being provided for by mother dear?

No far be it for them .

They trust her more than we trust our friends.

Dear reader…

Let it be clear,

There are many lessons to be learned here.


Sometimes I am angry,

And I don’t know how to get out.

At times, I just want to cry,

Or scream and shout.

When I see injustices,

And people are full of corruption,

My blood boils,

And I seek to take action.

How can I use this emotion,

And not numb this ocean…

Of tears that sometimes fall in frustration?

Is there a way to walk in love?

And take action positively in the world?