Beauty II

Beauty is not always apparent on the outside,

So we must look inside.

The face is often a mask ,

And the body a temporal charm.

The body weakens and fades,

But the soul remains.


Production Sonnet

The lights go down and the crowd becomes hushed.

“Stand by curtain” says the Stage Manager.

Crew members stand ready to quickly rush.

The atmosphere is focused and measured.

Soon cast members will exit and enter .

A scene is set and lights glow brightly now.

The company acts and creates wonder.

Set pieces and props fly in and out…how?

Quick, fast, cues create unbroken magic.

Little children stare and dream in deep awe…

Imbibing themes…beautiful and tragic.

The pain of production… hidden from all.

Finally bows and standing ovation,

Bring tears, smiles and great elation.


Hello All,
I was looking for some poetic inspiration, and I sure found it!

They took to silence. They touched each other without comment and without progression. A hand on a hand, a clothed arm, resting on an arm. An ankle overlapping an ankle, as they sat on a beach, and not removed. One night they fell asleep, side by side… He slept curled against her back, a dark comma against her pale elegant phrase. -A.S. Byatt


They took to silence. They touched each other,
Without comment and without progression.
Hand on hand…fully clothed…deep lovers.
Trusting, sitting… each holding the other.
Sometimes they fall asleep, by accident…
Thankful to find each other when they wake…
He often takes her face in his strong hands,
Just to see the shine that her dark eyes make.
Even now, they dance in the white sands.
For a time, the world and its cares fade out.
She recalls when he asked her to marry,
Now many days have passed… too many to now count.
He smiles and looks out on the deep ocean.
Slowly, the yellow sun has now risen.

I think i will definitely use quotes to inspire my poetry in the future. 🙂

Courage Speaks

Calling all the men and women,
Our world needs deep and real wisdom.
Under the cast down eyes of dejection,
Reeling people are with rejection.
Are we going to stand up,
Going forward…or give up?
Everyone is gifted with courage.
Do you choose to avoid being discouraged?
Everything comes down to the mind,
Just maybe… can we rewind?
Every circumstance is a choice.
Can we look at the past and find our voice?
Turning painful circumstances to chances,
Innovating and creating beauty from ashes…
Our time is now to sow wonder,
Now that the world gets darker and darker.


A man sits in the heat of his home,typing on his computer, trying despearatly to finish his work.
But he has so much trouble concentrating at the moment, as his thoughts are scattered round about him.
Could he forget the green and blue, bright and sparkly eyes of his one and only precious beauty…love?
Does she even know how much she moves and causes sparks to enter his ardent heart so bright?
Even now, wearing her long, brown, hair down, she comes up behind him so softly and so sweet.
Feeling electricity, he turns to her and takes her soft hand in his own hand now.
Great, deep, joy fills his eyes, as he tries to show, that he deeply cares about her life.
Her thoughts ponder his gaze as she contemplates him in awe.
Interiorly she wonders why he is so in awe of her beauty.
Just then, he catches her up in his arms and kisses her so softly.
Keeping her eyes on him, she thinks on his character and she smiles.
Love is a strange and wonderful thing in this very short life.
Moving on through their busy week, they grow so much closer.
None could doubt the depth of their love, because it’s so true.
Oneness is not just a physical sensation.
People are often frustrated with true love,
Questioning whether it really exists.
Rejcection and hurt have blinded us.
Scars cover our bodies and hands.
Tears do dry but leave deep wounds.
Ultimately we heal..
Very slowly…true.
Waitng for hope.



Do you see what eyes cannot see?
Can you see what is beyond the natural?
Are you aware of what is hidden?
Do you see the vision?
What’s the vision?
The Vision?
The vision is an army of young people.
You see bones? I see an army. And they are FREE from materialism.
They are mature …
They are free.
They are wild.
They serve and live for something bigger.
They create.
They laugh…
They make love.
They suffer patiently.
They belong to the nations.
They write their addresses in pencil,
And laugh at their strange existence as sojourners….
They live in honor of His Majesty.
They love the dying and hurting,
And use their wealth for just causes,
And creating beauty.
They are not stingy or selfish.
They are set apart,
And their wisdom is honored by all.
They reach for the stars,
And live in integrity.
Their lives are pure… and dangerous.
They lay down their lives for the cause,
And are heroes.
Their lifestyle outside,
Matches their inner life.
They are history makers,
But they are often hidden.
They are disciplined,
And fearless.
They wait…
They watch…
They listen,
And they take action.
They are attractive both inside and outside.
They are…