My heart has many desires.
I want to have the power to influence for good,
And independence to do the right thing..always…
I want to use my curiosity to create beauty,
And be accepted and included.
We need order instead of chaos in our world.

I want to save and provide a legacy,
And care well for my body.
I want no shame or despair, and honor in its place.
Idealism and social justice…I long for them.
Social contact and companionship,
And strong families and shared food…
And merited status and social standing for all.
Justice is needed…we need a true leader!
Oh and I desire , wonder, romance, and tranquility.

So what is the solution?
How can we have this good things?
Who will be an excellent leader?
Is it possible?
Yes…it is very much possible.
The King will be revealed.