Hello All,
I was looking for some poetic inspiration, and I sure found it!

They took to silence. They touched each other without comment and without progression. A hand on a hand, a clothed arm, resting on an arm. An ankle overlapping an ankle, as they sat on a beach, and not removed. One night they fell asleep, side by side… He slept curled against her back, a dark comma against her pale elegant phrase. -A.S. Byatt


They took to silence. They touched each other,
Without comment and without progression.
Hand on hand…fully clothed…deep lovers.
Trusting, sitting… each holding the other.
Sometimes they fall asleep, by accident…
Thankful to find each other when they wake…
He often takes her face in his strong hands,
Just to see the shine that her dark eyes make.
Even now, they dance in the white sands.
For a time, the world and its cares fade out.
She recalls when he asked her to marry,
Now many days have passed… too many to now count.
He smiles and looks out on the deep ocean.
Slowly, the yellow sun has now risen.

I think i will definitely use quotes to inspire my poetry in the future. 🙂


A man sits in the heat of his home,typing on his computer, trying despearatly to finish his work.
But he has so much trouble concentrating at the moment, as his thoughts are scattered round about him.
Could he forget the green and blue, bright and sparkly eyes of his one and only precious beauty…love?
Does she even know how much she moves and causes sparks to enter his ardent heart so bright?
Even now, wearing her long, brown, hair down, she comes up behind him so softly and so sweet.
Feeling electricity, he turns to her and takes her soft hand in his own hand now.
Great, deep, joy fills his eyes, as he tries to show, that he deeply cares about her life.
Her thoughts ponder his gaze as she contemplates him in awe.
Interiorly she wonders why he is so in awe of her beauty.
Just then, he catches her up in his arms and kisses her so softly.
Keeping her eyes on him, she thinks on his character and she smiles.
Love is a strange and wonderful thing in this very short life.
Moving on through their busy week, they grow so much closer.
None could doubt the depth of their love, because it’s so true.
Oneness is not just a physical sensation.
People are often frustrated with true love,
Questioning whether it really exists.
Rejcection and hurt have blinded us.
Scars cover our bodies and hands.
Tears do dry but leave deep wounds.
Ultimately we heal..
Very slowly…true.
Waitng for hope.


An excerpt from a Poem..

Here’s an excerpt from a poem that I wrote for my love. To you, my love…You are the most honorable man and champion I know.

…Your skin is a bit weather-beaten,
But despite the scars,
It is soft and exhilarating.
Your tattoos are fun to trace with a finger,
Just like your scars…
And they all tell stories.

Your chest is the place,
Where my head likes to lie…
And your heartbeat
Is a solace.
Why do I keep talking about your strength?
It is all over you…
Not just physically,
But spiritually too…

Hope you enjoyed that excerpt…

I Am…

I am beautiful and loved
I wonder how many stars make up the universe.
I hear the sound of a unicorn’s hooves galloping on the plains.
I see  Orion in his might.
I want to live a life full of wonder.
I am beautiful and loved.

I pretend that I am an albatross.
I feel the breezes of Lothlórien.
I touch the shores of Valinor.
I worry that my legacy will not be lasting…
I cry tears over the plight of the world.
I am beautiful and loved.

I understand that suffering is a helpful tool.
I say that I am not defeated.
I dream of creating many lasting memories.
I try  to stay focused on the prize.
I hope to meet you someday soon…
I am beautiful and loved.

Beauty in the Ugly

This word alone makes many people cringe and shrink back…
It’s often known as …
The scraping away of imperfections,
Or the refinement of the soul.
Most people run from it like the plague,
And groan and moan about it while in the trial.
Others see it as an opportunity,
To be cultivated and grow into wise people.
Have you seen an overcomer?
One who has gone through many trials with joy?
Where does it come from?
How do they suffer sickness, loss, and grief with hope?
There is beauty in the ugly,
And diamonds are formed in the pressure.
Butterflies emerge through a struggle,
And athletic training offers a great reward.
Nobody enjoys exertion and exhaustion at first,
But in light of a great prize,
All the suffering is worth it.
No beautiful thing comes into being without a mess…
Nothing that is worthwhile,
Comes without pain.
Instead of numbing the pain,
Allow it to change and grow you.
Love too grows with time,
Through uncomfortable struggles,
Conflict and forgiveness.
A full life is one of suffering,
And one of deep joy.
There is more depth to this story,
both interior and exterior…
We live, we die,
We see reality…
Rescue is available,
and the Rescuer is coming.
Suffering’s reward is worth it,
And so are vulnerability and trust…
Would you prefer to be comfortable,
Or live life to the fullest?


We walk along the rocky beaches,
Searching for starfish and sea creatures.
The cool sea breeze flows into our nostrils,
As we splash our feet in the deep tide pools.
The air is warm, but not hot and damp…
The perfect temperature for loving.
We amble…the sun shines like a bright lamp.
He smiles at me with his dark eyes glowing.
My dog chases birds at the sea’s foamy edge,
As we prepare to turn toward or destination.
With his eyes, my love makes his pledge…
We walk together hand and hand,
As we explore the beauty of the land.