Battles in the Mind

Inside of my mind there is a war,
Not to be confused with a mental disorder.
The war is one that is a battle-ground,
Even to the depths of the soul.
Reaching the core of my being,
Each and every day,
Struggling, I work to choose that which is…
True, prudent, just, amiable, virtuous, praiseworthy, disciplined, and bonae famae…
Wonder comes into being,
Once I choose these things…
No it is not easy to keep my interest there,
Due to many distractions.
Even now, I work through sorrows…
Realizing that I can’t fight on my own.
So I allow myself to feel this pain,
Over and over again.
Running from the lies that,
Really try to ensnare my mind,
Once again…
Writing these things,
Always, I remember that,
Goals are not reached in a day.
Even at times I fight terror and anxiety,
That seek to keep me from seeing reality.
Eternal truths,
Rational and just do exist, even despite common ideology.
Overcomers and forerunners,
Roaming the world
Are harder and harder to find.
Never was it harder to fight than now…
X-rays, MRIs and technologies abound, but…
Ignorance is more common than ever.
Everyone wants to escape and numb as,
Turtle mentalities set in.
You are needed more than ever…Stand up.