Challenge #2

The Prompt: Write about the smell of: burning food, melting snow, the ocean, your grandparents’ home, the inside of a bus, pavement after the rain

A Winter Tale

Getting on the bus,
He left the land of warm oceans,
And the sweet smell of gentle rain on the pavement,
Taking the road to the cold north.
Glad to get away from the smell of the restaurant,
That always burnt food below his apartment,
Jake was happy to go to his grandparents’ home.
The inside of the bus smelled musty,
Was rusty, and reminded him of an old shoe.
He disembarked…
Seeing the sight of melting snow,
His smiling grandmother and grandfather,
And warm hugs.

The Ocean

I see you… blue, black, green,
And sometimes clear as crystal.
Your roaring calms me and sometimes,
It frightens me.
You are beautiful and terrible,
And altogether fascinating.
You separate us and unite us,
And your beauty is astounding.
I love walking by your shores,
And smelling your sweet fragrance,
Or boating on you,
And feeling your presence.
Swimming, diving, dancing…
Your waves attract me,
And draw me close.


We walk along the rocky beaches,
Searching for starfish and sea creatures.
The cool sea breeze flows into our nostrils,
As we splash our feet in the deep tide pools.
The air is warm, but not hot and damp…
The perfect temperature for loving.
We amble…the sun shines like a bright lamp.
He smiles at me with his dark eyes glowing.
My dog chases birds at the sea’s foamy edge,
As we prepare to turn toward or destination.
With his eyes, my love makes his pledge…
We walk together hand and hand,
As we explore the beauty of the land.