Coming Back

Always searching, I’m coming back to you for real this time…

Could you believe that your heart would be truly mine?

I am so ashamed for my past,

But you say that I am not last.

Your heart warms me with true fire….

You are my one true desire.

How can I repay you for all that you have done for me?

More than ever, I see you now so clearly.


Watching for the sunrise,

A woman looks out.

In her eyes … she smiles

The day has no clouds.

In the deep red sky,

No hue is faded.

Glowing colors …aye!

Guest Poet: Kieth Douglass

Desert Flowers
by Kieth Douglass

Living in a wide landscape are the flowers –
Rosenberg I only repeat what you were saying –
the shell and the hawk every hour
are slaying men and jerboas, slaying

the mind: but the body can fill
the hungry flowers and the dogs who cry words
at nights, the most hostile things of all.
But that is not news. Each time the night discards

draperies on the eyes and leaves the mind awake
I look each side of the door of sleep
for the little coin it will take
to buy the secret I shall not keep.

I see men as trees suffering
or confound the detail and the horizon.
Lay the coin on my tongue and I will sing
of what the others never set eyes on.

Challenge #2

The Prompt: Write about the smell of: burning food, melting snow, the ocean, your grandparents’ home, the inside of a bus, pavement after the rain

A Winter Tale

Getting on the bus,
He left the land of warm oceans,
And the sweet smell of gentle rain on the pavement,
Taking the road to the cold north.
Glad to get away from the smell of the restaurant,
That always burnt food below his apartment,
Jake was happy to go to his grandparents’ home.
The inside of the bus smelled musty,
Was rusty, and reminded him of an old shoe.
He disembarked…
Seeing the sight of melting snow,
His smiling grandmother and grandfather,
And warm hugs.

The Ocean

I see you… blue, black, green,
And sometimes clear as crystal.
Your roaring calms me and sometimes,
It frightens me.
You are beautiful and terrible,
And altogether fascinating.
You separate us and unite us,
And your beauty is astounding.
I love walking by your shores,
And smelling your sweet fragrance,
Or boating on you,
And feeling your presence.
Swimming, diving, dancing…
Your waves attract me,
And draw me close.


At times I sit and think about travel,
Because it makes me smile and my heart sing.
I am not often happy when I stay in one city,
But love the experiences travel can bring.
Could it be that I am just a nomad?
Walking on my very own trail?
Or are others just as antsy… is it bad?
To amble along on paths where feet may fail?
Everyone has their own story and trail,
Even those that do not leave far from home.
I was made for crossing boundaries and cultures,
…Often times I am alone.
An ambassador to many nations and peoples, am I,
Longing for more chances to spread my wings and fly.