We walk along the rocky beaches,
Searching for starfish and sea creatures.
The cool sea breeze flows into our nostrils,
As we splash our feet in the deep tide pools.
The air is warm, but not hot and damp…
The perfect temperature for loving.
We amble…the sun shines like a bright lamp.
He smiles at me with his dark eyes glowing.
My dog chases birds at the sea’s foamy edge,
As we prepare to turn toward or destination.
With his eyes, my love makes his pledge…
We walk together hand and hand,
As we explore the beauty of the land.


Lime’s tartness makes mouths pucker..
In the shape of a kiss.
Many summer nights are enhanced with pisco,
Escorting in romance.
Soothing limes in iced lime-aid,
Are a joy to young children,
Relaxing by the pool.
Even Grandma’s key-lime pie,
Garnished with lime, is sublime.
Round slices of lime and swordfish,
Eagerly brought to the mouth,
Are a delight to young and old…
Tart and juicy wonder.