Time is a concept that we can’t fully explain…

We have theories and ideas, but what’s actually true?

Some people say it’s circular…

Others say it’s linear…

Some people say that time is happening present, past and future, all at once…

Some people say the only time that matters is right now…

Others say it’s the past…

Others say it’s the future…

Still others think you can save time or waste time.

People also differ about how time works, and whether it is orderly or chaotic like this free verse poem…

Is time actually a thing?

Does time end when we die?

Why should we care what’s after this life? 

Do we have a little time or a lot of time?

How can we measure it?

So many questions ….

And how is it that one of us can be living in the future while another lives in he past, but  we were born on the same date?

Oh we can talk about time zones and time lines,

And sunrises and sunsets and the earth’s motion…

And many scientific theories and formulas besides…

So much pomp and circumstance about time in some cultures!

Some people think that time is short,

So why should we care?

Time is important….

But most importantly,

The  way we handle and use the time is key.

Time is precious,

For you and for me.

The time I have with you, I will use…


The window is foggy with frost,
As the dew shines brightly on grass.
Inside, people drink tea and have toast.
The scene is intimate …classy.
Outside, the mountains stand so tall,
And ice hangs from the house rafters.
The Sun proudly outshines them all,
As the country fills with young one’s laughter.
Elderly gentlemen smoke their pipes,
While contemplating much profound wisdom.
Meanwhile, the Terce is sung by the monastic rites.
Women and men begin the day’s rhythms.
The pulse of the day beats more quickly,
As the beauty of the moment fades into memory.