I Am…

I am beautiful and loved
I wonder how many stars make up the universe.
I hear the sound of a unicorn’s hooves galloping on the plains.
I see  Orion in his might.
I want to live a life full of wonder.
I am beautiful and loved.

I pretend that I am an albatross.
I feel the breezes of Lothlórien.
I touch the shores of Valinor.
I worry that my legacy will not be lasting…
I cry tears over the plight of the world.
I am beautiful and loved.

I understand that suffering is a helpful tool.
I say that I am not defeated.
I dream of creating many lasting memories.
I try  to stay focused on the prize.
I hope to meet you someday soon…
I am beautiful and loved.

Lost in a Book

The feeling of getting lost in a book…
What a pleasant thought!
The characters grip me,
And so does the plot.
Meaty details and colors and hues,
Fill my imagination,
As I breathe,
And see
And hear
and touch
and taste…
and feel so deeply.
I enter beautiful new worlds,
And gaze in wonder.
And thoughtful dialogue,
Thrill my mind and soul.