Hello All,
I was looking for some poetic inspiration, and I sure found it!

They took to silence. They touched each other without comment and without progression. A hand on a hand, a clothed arm, resting on an arm. An ankle overlapping an ankle, as they sat on a beach, and not removed. One night they fell asleep, side by side… He slept curled against her back, a dark comma against her pale elegant phrase. -A.S. Byatt


They took to silence. They touched each other,
Without comment and without progression.
Hand on hand…fully clothed…deep lovers.
Trusting, sitting… each holding the other.
Sometimes they fall asleep, by accident…
Thankful to find each other when they wake…
He often takes her face in his strong hands,
Just to see the shine that her dark eyes make.
Even now, they dance in the white sands.
For a time, the world and its cares fade out.
She recalls when he asked her to marry,
Now many days have passed… too many to now count.
He smiles and looks out on the deep ocean.
Slowly, the yellow sun has now risen.

I think i will definitely use quotes to inspire my poetry in the future. 🙂

Courage Speaks

Calling all the men and women,
Our world needs deep and real wisdom.
Under the cast down eyes of dejection,
Reeling people are with rejection.
Are we going to stand up,
Going forward…or give up?
Everyone is gifted with courage.
Do you choose to avoid being discouraged?
Everything comes down to the mind,
Just maybe… can we rewind?
Every circumstance is a choice.
Can we look at the past and find our voice?
Turning painful circumstances to chances,
Innovating and creating beauty from ashes…
Our time is now to sow wonder,
Now that the world gets darker and darker.

I Am…

I am beautiful and loved
I wonder how many stars make up the universe.
I hear the sound of a unicorn’s hooves galloping on the plains.
I see  Orion in his might.
I want to live a life full of wonder.
I am beautiful and loved.

I pretend that I am an albatross.
I feel the breezes of Lothlórien.
I touch the shores of Valinor.
I worry that my legacy will not be lasting…
I cry tears over the plight of the world.
I am beautiful and loved.

I understand that suffering is a helpful tool.
I say that I am not defeated.
I dream of creating many lasting memories.
I try  to stay focused on the prize.
I hope to meet you someday soon…
I am beautiful and loved.

A Man Alone

A tall man with slightly wavy dark hair and green eyes,
With a powerful build and a gentle smile,
Walks alone under the twilit skies.
His mind is full, as he stops to think by the river awhile.

His business has been going well, but one thing he lacks…
Something that constantly appears in his mind’s vision…
Or while his feet over many highland trails and roads have walked.
He lacks wisdom.

How could he forget that night?
How could he forget that gaze?
Where she was … he knew not.
Would they ever again cross pathways?

Not even 5 km down the road,
She sits outside on a bench… wrapped in silence.
Her thoughts so loud… can they be heard?
How she longs for his embrace.

An inclination… could it be?
Could it be that he was close at hand?
She turned this way and that… to see…
If he would emerge from the fog of the land.

Down the road, he continues alone,
Unbeknownst to him, he is approaching…
His heart feels like it is nearing home…
And suddenly swells…as with a poem.

Rounding a corner suddenly….
He spots his beautiful love.
She recognizes him … instantly.
Elise! Is it really you, my dove?

She rushes forward.
His heart in somersaults turns…
Her heart quickly beats onward.

Softly, she rests her head on his chest.
He whispers his love in her ear,
And knows her heart is at rest…
The stars above shine bright and clear.

The man’s heart is overwhelmed,
And he smiles with contentment.
Elise enjoys his presence and his smell.
They soon walk together on the pavement.

Sharing stories of their past,
And dreaming of their present,
They feel the trees watching… observant…
And know they must be patient.

Dreams do not come true in a day,
And relationships are not built in one second.
Her eyes dance today,
And his dreams are reinvented.

She sighs….

He kisses her under the moon,
As the nightingales sing their tunes.


Lime’s tartness makes mouths pucker..
In the shape of a kiss.
Many summer nights are enhanced with pisco,
Escorting in romance.
Soothing limes in iced lime-aid,
Are a joy to young children,
Relaxing by the pool.
Even Grandma’s key-lime pie,
Garnished with lime, is sublime.
Round slices of lime and swordfish,
Eagerly brought to the mouth,
Are a delight to young and old…
Tart and juicy wonder.